Community Tournament Licensing

We love competition, and encourage players and organizations to organize and host their own. We support folks that create competitions for the benefit of the community and we’re generally on board with any competition that follows the guidelines outlined below.

Player Experience First - The rules for the Competition should promote a fun and engaging experience for the players, and skill should always be the determining factor of who will win or lose matches in the Competition.




Do I need a license to run a tournament?

Yes, you must apply for and receive a license for your competition. By doing this, we want to make sure the experience is good for our players and that we maximize chances of success for each tournament by avoiding too many overlaps. However, licenses for small competitions may be automatically approved.

Is there a maximum duration for competitions?

Yes, the maximum duration varies by game and license level. Please consult the guidelines carefully.

Is there a prize limit for competitions?

Yes, the maximum prize you may award varies by game and license level. Please consult the guidelines carefully.

Can I have sponsors during my tournaments?

Yes but you need to follow the guidelines for each of the games regarding number of sponsors, maximum contribution, etc. Please keep in mind that your sponsors are sponsors of your tournaments, not of our games; Thus they can’t use any of our game elements (logos, champions, agents, etc.) in their communications on their owned channels. We also have a prohibited sponsor and advertiser List so you need to ensure your sponsors are not part of this list.

Can I organize pan-European tournaments?

No, we are only granting licenses to competitions that target single countries or countries within one of Riot's six European sub-regions. Please check the guidelines to see which countries fall into each sub-region.

The dates of my competition clash with a major Riot Games Esports competition, am I still able to apply for a license?

No, we are not able to grant licenses to competitions that clash with major Riot Games esports competitions. You will be notified during the application process.

Can I apply for one license to cover multiple Riot Games titles (e.g. VALORANT & League of Legends?

No, you must apply for a license for each game as guidelines vary from game to game and depending on the planning of our events, you might be granted a license for one game and not for the other.

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